(Guest review by Renee!)


*Warning: Twilight Spoilers Ahead*
"Twilight" will probably be a huge disappointment to those expecting a horror film, a lot of good special effects, a kinky, sexual vampire picture or any combination of the above. More time during this movie is spent talking about going to the prom than drinking human blood. The climactic battle takes place in a ballet studio. Although you may not get sucked into the world of "Twilight" after watching this movie, you will at least understand what all the fuss is about.
This movie is about a teenage girl, Bella, who moves to Washington state after her mother remarries and falls is love with a member of a group of teenage-looking vampires, Edward. These ackward-acting vampires have taught themselves to drink animal blood instead of human.
Although this film will seem slow and confusing to people who have never read the book, the plot kicks into gear little by little and becomes easier to understand as the movie goes on.
Small things seem to be missing, but considering the number of characters introduced and themes that are explored, it's a credit to Hardwicke and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg that the movie makes any sense at all to newcomers.

The vampires turned out a lot better looking than I thought they would. Alice was gorgeous, and Emmett was HOT. Jasper and Carlisle pulled off the blonde so well, and Esme's forehead was not distracting at all! From the pictures we had seen, I thought Jasper's hair was going to look like a dead animal on his head, but that wasn't the case at all. Pattinson was quite dreamy, and Stewart's voice wasn't as manly as I thought it would have been.

They altered the meadow scene a little, but they still included the crucial lines, even though there had been rumors that it wouldn't be in the script.
I think I almost died during the lion & lamb part! Jessica, Mike, and Eric were funny. It was nice to have a little comic relief here and there, since most of the scenes with Edward and Bella were so intense.
And that kiss! and the prom scene! and the part where Edward tilted Bella's head back to kiss her neck. I have to admit--I couldn't help but squeal a little bit during those parts.

A couple of things I didn't like though--the special effects weren't that great...and did they really have to do the little sparkly-chime sounds whenever Edward was in the sun??? It made me feel like I was watching a barbie commercial or something. Made it so corny. And some of the parts where the vampires were "flying" around in the are were so unreal. It was like, you could practically tell where the suspending cords were, you know? And lastly, I just hated the fact that in every close up of Edward, I could see the layers of powder on his face. I thought that the running scenes would be more like Smallville but they werent. I didnt really like the effect myself, but it did leave it so that you could see Bellas reaction and their faces in general. You can really tell that they had a very small budget for this movie. No doubt the effects in the next one will be better.

There were also a few scenes that I thought should definitely be in this movie. Scenes that will be pivotal in the next ones. Example: They completely cut out the biology scene where Bella almost faints and Edward takes her to the nurses office. That shows how averse Bella is to the smell of blood. I dont know how they are going to make up for that one later....

All in all it was a pretty good movie. If I had to give it a rating I think i would go with a B. You will have to make a decision for yourself, I'm no movie critic, just call them like I see them.




dear tOdd and roscoe:
just wanted to let you know that btw i gave the movie a 3 1/2 cookie rating. forgot to put that in for ya! but dont be a wuss and go see it!....just wait till all the teeny-boppers are done with all the craziness, in like a month! lol and also,
three things i liked about the movie:
1. characters were very accurate to the books
2. actors were picked well for the parts
3. stuck with the basics when it comes to details about the vamps
three things is didnt like about the movie:
1. powder faces everywhere
2. very weird(maybe bad some would say) special effects
3. key scenes missing that were in the book
good vibes to ya and ty for considering to post!

(Thanks and good vibes to Renee for sending this in!)