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Well, I live in Georgia so it isn't unusual for there to be men with grey hair, a long grey beard, a red flannel shirt, overalls and black work boots walking around.  I had to stop by Ace Hardware to pick up something and my then 3 year old son started to act up in typical annoying 3 year old fashion.  From behind we heard a voice and we turned around to see such a man.  The man said, "Santa's watching you.".  I thought my kid was going to pass out.   Now he really understands that "he knows if you have been bad or good".  Santa's always watching...even at Ace Hardware.


Not exactly a Santa story, but close.

So I was kind of a weird kid, and one year on Christmas
Eve I went to my parents and told them that it had
occurred to me that the reindeer did more actual work than
Santa.  I said that since the reindeer were actually
pulling the sleigh, and Santa was just sitting in it, that
it seemed unfair that he got to eat cookies all the time
and they never got anything.  Long story short, I left a
salad for the reindeer that Christmas Eve instead of
cookies for Santa.  I even put in nine cherry tomatoes
(one for each reindeer and one for Rudolf) and put a big
sign next to it so Santa would know it was for them.  I
can just see my parents putting presents under the tree
and munching on a salad and talking about what a strange
child they had.



Have a friend who took her dog to meet Santa at the mall for "bring your dog
to meet Santa at the mall" day.  Mind you, this is a 90 pound Labrador...
well as you probably have guessed her dog took a giant dump as they waited
in line.  I almost took one myself I was laughing so hard.  Can you imagine
your dog taking a dump in the middle of the mall as everyone around you just
watches it and then watches as you attempt to clean it up? 


Hiya Toddski ( may I call you Toddski? ),
When I was about 7 or so my little brother was 4.
Twas Christmas eve and my parents were trying to get us to hit the know how kids are on that night... they were using every trick in the book and were employing the old "santa won't come if you kids are up" gambit when we see freaking santa claus walking down the street right in front of our freaking house....needless to say we FREAKED!!  Now this was obviously some dude on his way to not at all our house but it mattered not WE HAD SEEN SANTA ..having just been warned that he would not be visiting our house if the kids were up WELL. we were in bed like a parents got such joy out of seeing us like that ...all spazzy excited and falling over each other to get to bed yelling "we saw him we saw him!!" that here i sit at the age of 38 and they retold the story this very evening both with the most amazing looks on their faces..i remember it vaugely but they remember it in a way that is so coolio and fond makes me want kids of my own (but not really)   that its as though it happened yesterday for them. that makes me feel wicked that they got such joy from my near santa seizure.
the end.
and happy happy to you and yours bro.


Hi there

 I work in a shopping mall in Sydney and the other day there was a kid playing with basketball near where santa is set up the kid kicked the ball and it hit a wall and then hit santa in the head he then yelled at the kid, chase her around and then get her kick out of the centre, she would have been about seven or eight what great Christmas spirit santa has


Mr. Odd Todd,
My wife and I are big fans!  You posted a card from us some time ago ( ).  
I've got a great Santa Story.  Please see below.
The Santa Claus Phenomenon Caught on Film?
Seven year old Clay Swoboda shot super 8mm footage of Santa Claus in 1973, using a ball of twine and his father's movie camera.  What he did was ingenius.  He used the twine to create a crude trip wire across his fireplace.  It ran through a series of pulleys, to a super 8mm camera on a tripod.  The system worked, and he was able to capture a few frames of Santa Claus in action.  Scientists have studied the film and found it difficult to dispute.  Others feel this could be the only real photographic evidence of a "Santa Sighting."  Please check it out.  
I have posted all the information on my website
There is a cool part of the site where you can REPORT SANTA SIGHTINGS:
I should tell you a little about me.  I am a director and cinematographer in Los Angeles.  "Search for Santa" is my passion project.  It is a documentary-style film that attempts to prove Santa is real, using science and exploration.  It's the first part in a series I'm self-distributing.
Please watch the trailer, you may find it interesting:
There are all sorts of clips and "findings" detailed on the Santa Seeker Journal.  I also have some cool flash videos and quicktime movies which you are welcome to use on your site.  I'd like to send you a press link with tons of great media, if you're interested.
Thanks for spreading the word!  
Santa is out there!
Douglas C


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