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I would like to share a story about an African Gray that we had the pleasure of having in our home for roughly six months. We are a foster family with a Exotic Bird Rescue and we see a lot of birds but Grady was a great success story and a wonderful intelligent bird. He was in the same home for 16 years and because of the families changing situation the family could no longer care for him. Grady came to us completely plucked naked including tail feathers and only 2 wing feathers but from the beginning he was anxious to be loved again and so we did. We worked with him slowly and eventually gained his trust He would whistle the tune to Andy Griffith and sing the La La  song to get our attention. He loved to dance and would raise up his little foot and wave bye  bye  Over time we discovered he had a large vocabulary and a gentle soul.

He has now been rehomed and doing exceptionally well.

in the beginning

Grady six months later



This is Latka, my Polish Lowland Sheepdog. 

I get to spend a lot more time with him since I was laid off three weeks ago. 

That’s the up side of being downsized.



Hi Odd Todd

This is Minky, she is 5 and we have owned her since she was a little kitty.  She was called Minky as she was quite a stinky little kitten when we got her and, well Stinky and Minky rhymed…

Minky loves being indoors and following us round the house, she’s not a great fan of the outdoors and freaks out if you shut the back door.   Minky loves sleeping under my husbands armpit, comes when you whistle and miaows like a squeaky toy every time you pick her up.  She whinges a lot, but we love her the way she is.

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Lovin ya all the way from the UK,

Lou & James x


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