Air Conditioner 2: The Resurrection

Everyone is Against Me Shoving My Broken Air Conditioner Out the Window?

Three Quickie Annoying Things

Pictures for the Week

Suspicious Package Delivery

Mailing Bomb at the Post Office

Never Nice to Meet You

Fish Oil Suspicion

Pictures for the Week

Dear Soccer... (+retraction)

Measure Twice, Cut Dunce

The Amazing Energy of the Motivators

Ranty Rave-y Thing About BP

A Swimmer Story

Screw You, Aquafresh Ico-Active

The Bold Carrot Decision

Wimpy Wonderings About White Wine

Two Product Recommendations

Pictures for the Week!

Two Phone Realizations

The Happy Hour Cancellation

The Sarah Silverman Chicken-Out

Overlong Trip Back Babble

Roscoe's Barking Balance

Stopping to Be Honest and Right

Memories of Action Park

The Trader Joe Divers

The Remote Boat Fiasco

The Easter Egg Devastation

My April Fools Apology Offer

Roscoe's New Start (posted on April Fools)

Pictures for the Week

The Candy Store Clerk Experience

Two Lame Rants: One about Cheerios. The Other about Socks.

The Truth About the iPhone and NYC

Dealing with De-Friendship

New Pen Storage Pocket

Pictures for the Week

Rude Dog Sniff Theory

The Shower Saga Ends!

The Reality of My Recent Distraction

Sometimes "Good" Things Come in Threes

The 'Everything But' Misunderstanding

Spontaneous Queer Eye Combustion

Time for Some New NYC Animals! Dammit!

Wasn't Deaf as a Kid (plus new kicks)

Random Pictures Mixed with Fire Story

The Secret Messages in Nail Polish

Seriously Though... What are They Doing About all the Porn?

Goodbye to Tom Who Watched Over the Flowers

So I Got an iPhone

The Wet Phone Prayer

Question about Polo and Logos

The Rockabilly Requirement

The Geographical Travesty

Dry Cleaner Disappointment

Welcome to 2010! 50 Resolutions!

The Poop Swoop

Dear Gross Dude in the Steam Room,

Starbucks Card Free Cosmic Subway Ride

The Reference Number Bust (+ New Warning)

Stuck with a Big Green Ball

Groups of Teenagers are Always Up to No Good!

The Way Bad Bad Day (with Happy Ending!)

Pictures for the Week

The Old Man and the Weird Bone

The Dog Who Chases Shadows

The Distemper After Shocks

Bitch Woman Vet Story

Preachy Post About Eating Meat

Pictures for the Week

Five Cell Phone Thoughts

What's Been Going On?

Windows 7 and Socks

Reconnecting the Meat Industry Disconnect

The Jerky Misread

The Holistic Stunner

Let's Talk About Doody! La La La!

The Tie Survivor Blab

Pictures for the Week!

The Rubix Cube Moment

Roscoe Lassied Shower Situation

Question About Skunkhead

Naked Neighbor at the Y

Expired Bottle and Jar Situation

Boycotting Bad Videos Due to Potential Side Effects

Babble About Dated Technology Effects

Three Teacher Tales

Good Deed Gone Bad

Few Thoughts About Kid Stuff

Three Questions for Today

Pictures for the Week

Geeked Out and Dorked Out

Town Crier in the Coffee Shop

Couple Customer Honesty Questions

Bewilderment in the Rain

One Drink with the Whirlwind 'Genius'

Pictures for the Week

New Ball Chair Thingee

The DVD Player Disaster

Gangsta Rapper Sale Fail

20 Reasons Why I Don't Fit in LA

Pictures for the Week

Roscoe's Surf Reality Check

Kite Flight to Upland

The Simple Pleasure of a Busted Hipster

Roscoe Puked in Staples

The Subway Scammer Sucker

The Organic Peanut Butter Mistake

The Usbek Barber Misunderstanding

Pictures for the Week

Plastic Grumpery

It's Over for Sirius XM

The White Boy's Overstep

Roscoe's Therapy Audition

The Titillating Logic of Finding Car Keys

Mouse Trap and Release (+ More Rodent Fun!)

Pictures for the Week!

Common Traits of Broke People

Treating the Likes and Umms

My Scrotum Theory

Temper Tamping Tampa Calls

The Burger King Crown Conversation

The Executive Wagon Circles

Pictures for the Week

The Chicken Bone-r

Answered a Fall for Help

A Call for Concern (+apology)

Some Original Misfires

iPhone Regret Come Full Circle

New Site! New Stuff!

Advantages of Uncle-ing!

Couple Quick Happenings

Roscoe's Bad Week

The New Fancy Phone Gaming Disappointment

Not Sure About New Underwears

Preppy Practice Party

Whiskey Still the Same

Seven Solid Seconds of Stunning Stupidity

The Bad Mood Maker

Pictures for the Week

The Tropicana Brand Scam

The Secret Shunned World of Farts

Awkward Conversational Pratfall

Looking for Local

Westminster Dog Show Photos

The Shower Phone Situation

No, I Don't Have a Gun

My Dog is Friggin Spoiled Totally

The Dental Damn

New Shower Curtain Mistake?

Don't Wave Me On, Jerk!

I Guess I Didn't Get the Cargo Pants Memo?

Peer Pressured into SK8R Gloves

Questioning Disabled Kid Racing

iPhone Rant Killer

Natural Born Squasher

The Scratching in the Ceiling

Pictures for the Week

Top Ten Ways to Fix Corporate America

Thanks to Y'all for 2008!

Street Bump Surprise

The Lost Days of Robin Hood Hackers

The Doody Bag Dilemma

Screw Bathmats!

Pictures for the Week

Can I Steal This Bike?

PC vs' Mac: The Final Verdicts

Going All-In on a New Show

The 180 Vista Reversal (+semi-retraction)

Pictures for the Week

The Forever Burn of Phoebe Cates

No Conversation Eraser

In Defense of Vista

The Starvation Diet Flaw

Police Activity Fantasies

An Explosion of Fiber

The Radio Shack Show Stopper

Official: PC for Life

Triple Yogurt Threat

Passive Aggressive Sewing

Hoarding Loved Electronics

Update on Stuff in General and Stuff

Considering a Polar Plunge

The Power of the Nice

Pictures for the Week

Browser Commitment Phobe

I'm Not an Extra Large!

Sarah Palin is Not "Qualified"

Pictures for the Week

My Owl Pillow Survives and Thrives

Blinded by the Blind

Hiding XXX in Plain Sight

The Great Couch Hunt (+ Pictures for the Week)

Dogs Squander Their Superpowers

Smartening Up the Stupid Way

The Semi-Truth about Celebrities and Charity

Vegas's Last Day

The Split Second of Snub

The Usual Gay Suspect

Pictures for the Week!

Shirt Button Babble + SF Trip!

The Irrational Fear of the Address Label Psycho

Saw Tropic Thunder + Hillybilly Roscoe video!

In Defense of Dining Solo

Brush Your Dog's Toofuses!!!

Where's All My Peanut Butter!!!!?

My New TV Technique

The Bird's Nest Bowl?

What's Up with the No-TV People

The Old F--kin' Answering Machine Story

Roscoe music video! And new Mov-ay Review! And Random Things! And a New Poll! And Test Yourself!

ABC World News freelance toon...

The Ma-Ho-Ge Summer

The TV Dis-collection

Considering Detoxing It Up

Top Ten Procrastination Things From Yesterday

Wondering About Waxy Swirls and Mini Spices

Blog Bash Beeswax

The Restaurant Party Check

Dark Knight Review

I Didn't Deserve to See Dark Knight Tonight

Summer Blog 2008!

Pictures for the Week

The Case for Taking Mistaken Identity

The Screen Clean Disaster

The Game of Life Has (and Hasn't) Changed

Pictures for the Week! (+ City Idiot in the Pasture)

Germ Paranoia Babble + Gone for the Week

Sitting with Crazy

Painting A La Mode

My Awesome Garbage Solution

Pictures for the Week

Chicks Are Sex Hypocrites

Sad Pickles Should Be Illegal

Itsy Spider Amazement

I'm NOT Getting a Friggin Cat!

Won!... But Lost?

The 1:5 Ratio

Pictures for the Week

The Poopy Paint Test

Cutters vs' Waiters

Witness Disappointment

I Want My Stick!

I Can't Stand the Beautiful Tree

My Subway Suggestion

The 'Like a Prayer' Effect

Helping Lonely Flyers

The Cure for the Common Cold

The Confused Punk

Hey Adobe! Fix Stupid Reader!

Ten Random Things I Thought About This Weekend

The Betrayal at Lace

Pictures for the Week

The New Five Accusation

The Poop to Chin Moment

Pictures for the Week

The Mattress Busines

My Red Meat Compromise

Two Hard to Describe Annoying Things

New Restaurant WTF

Pictures for the Week

Paparazzi Temptation

Middle Seat Pressure Point

Pictures for the Week

To Cord or Not to Cord

*Removed Post

The Ghost Dog Inn

Knit Hat Dilemma Redux

Boob Flash Token

New Unmanly High

Microsoft Pisses Me Off... Again!

Glaring at the Glare

Pictures for the Week

Pumpkin and Poop

A Quick Stroll Through Sketchyville

Just for Men Attempt

Roscoe's A-hole Nemesis

Sun Replacement Recommendation

The Lighting of the Gossip Switchboard

My Gym Workout

Pictures for the Week

The Teddy Saga

The Official End of the CD Road

The Clean Dog, Dirty Rain Dilemma

Finally Mac Time?

Not a Dude? Not a Yo?

Pictures for the Week

Four Thought Things

Thanks Y'all for 2007!

Tipping Points

Yellow Pages! Give it up!

The Knit Hat Dilemma

The 4AM $100 Yeller

Electro-Protectos vs' Non-Electro-Protectos

Dear Blackberry User,

Netflix's Last Stand

Night Out Fight In

The Ghost of Wedding Past

My Thanksgiving Thing

Not Homeless But Beerless

Roscoe Adopts Piglet

Seeing Van Halen

Remotes and Ghosts

Thanks to Ovation (+ strike pics)

The Cancelled Battle **

Twenty Thoughts Thing

The Barbershop Guys Laugh at Me

Pictures for the Week

I Don't Want to Talk to Your Kid!

...about the cleavage

All Mental with the Dust Remover

In Praise of the MuVo

Pictures for the Week

Quick Story: The Dog Park Pee Incident

The Lost Days of Porn Innocence

The Mold of Old

Pictures for the Week

An Open Letter to Roscoe...

The Tooth Hunters

Stock Symbol: ASS

Couldn't Deny It. Supplied It.

To Pay or Not to Pay...

The Mindless Multi-tasker

Directional Guilt

Worst. Car. Ever.

The Staggeringly Frustrating Automated System of Time Warner Cable

Coasting Through Security

The Wallet Disaster (+pics)

The Friendly Dog Owner Nod

A Crash Course in Pee Wee

The Coney Island Win (+pics!)

Lunch Lick Question

Not a Happy Camper

Full summer blog archive July and August

The Comfort of Commercials

Stroller Dog Chicken

The Ruins Broke My Slump

Pictures From Last Week!

Croc Wearing Douchebag*

In Defense of 'Todd'

Way Too Wordy Update (*now with extra words)!

Almost Home

Sweaty on the Head

The Epstein's Perv

Pictures for the Week

Concert Scar Flashback

Lost My Shirt(s) in LA

Wacky Headspinny New Film Dream

A Rat, a Lizard, and a Duchovny

Venice Beach Pictures!

First Celeb Sighting

Just Do It! (later)

Best Buy Busted

Pictures for the Week (CA)

Willy the Goat

Late Boyfriend Info

Pictures for the Day

Hans Roscoe and Boba Feet

Party People in the House

Why Dogs Are Dumb (or Smart)

Stuff I Decided Not to Write About

Three City Stories

Flying Roscoe Final

Succumbed to Body Wash

The (Not-So) Great Roscoe Debate

Watermelon Junky

Two Nights in Second Life

The Great and Fortunate Wind

Coining Disappointment II

Parking Garage Stuntman Action

Assault of the Springtime Do-Gooders

Pictures for the Week

The Seven Feelings About Bathroom Attendants

Bugging Out with Poison

An Open Letter to Microsoft

Praying in the Backseat with Tim

Walked Far, Saw Signs, Lied to Cop

Middle Finger Fixation

Coolio Calling China

Man/Dog Comparison

Check Split = Friendship Split?

Roscoe Cleptoe

Double Kiss Diatribe

The Phantom Phone

Dog Dream Afternoon

Can't Stop the New York Times

WTF w/ MySpace Anyway

Pictures for the Week

Closing Home for Good

Mr. Teitel's Good Call

Boring for Boredom

Phone Trust Obsession

Read My Diary

The Truth About Jake

Mofo Dog Bootie Braggart

Hello Snubbers

Old Problem with Old Movies

Robot the Dick

Red Wine, White Couch

Mellow Monster Scare

Mac-ovah's Witnesses

Laughing at Letterman

Dog Cavity and Magazine Mistrust

Pictures for the Week

Best Job Ever

Taking a Stand on Standing in Line

Groundhog Day Stunner

00's Ripped Jeans Cuffs

What Did I Do to Deserve That?

Olive Revelation

Mo Pho Phone Woe

The Mystery of the Unloved Restaurant

Mister at the Urinal

Boxing the Art World

Lie Old. Apology New.

The Last Roommates

Pictures for the Week

My Dog Wife

Anti-Sweater Attitude

Knick Night

Winning the Don Mattingly

Messing with "The Secret"

Pictures for the Week

When Being Good Sucks

Not Writing at Starbucks

Yawning for the Truth

Almost Unsolved Mystery-ed Myself

Camera Conundrummer

Who's Buying the Other DVDs Anyway?

Kids Have Cooties

Online Wedding Registry Grrrr

For the Love of Burlesque

Roscoe's Reverse Sneezing

The Muffin Dollar Dilemma

Not Meeting Parker Posey

The 101 in Under 15

Happy 5th Anniversary to this Website

Still An Hour Ahead

Missing Shelley Duvalls

Memory Trigger from Deng Dairy #63

Roscoe's Friday

Controlling Complaining

Presenting Adam

Sticky Charity Advice

What Are You Doing on Friday?

The Lone Stranger

Roscoe's Gutter Catch

Pictures for the Week

Long Table Dinner Conversation Airball

How I Drive Someone to the Airport (+Orchard Pics)

What's Up with Music Anyway?

Humpity Hump Reversal

T-M-I  R-A-T

Pictures for the Week

The New Rebate Scam

Late Night Pee Wilding

My 9/11 Day

Aerosmith Beat Down

Mud Wrestling for Alpha Dog

Like Intervention

Long Overdue Apology to Uncle Lai's Smorgasbord

Roscoe Notes II

Voicemail Pounding

Can I Wear Plastic Clogs?

Fingerbutt Thoughts

Tuna Roulette

Communication Breakdown

Pictures for the Week

Roscoe Doody Freakout

Bachelor Rights

Pathetic AOL Robot Calls

Sweaty Spiderman Dunce

Dorky McSlipsteen

Wrong Shirt, Wrong Time

Lightning Strike Strucked

The Saga of MepWars

Noticing Knobs

Random Pics and Stuff

The Laundry Lounge Affair

Dog Dad Hero

Answering for Victoria

Change Jar Jackpot

World Cup Shmuck

My IM Door Closes

Spidey Night Yawner

Book Slumping

Hat Hope Hip Hopped

Pictures for the Week

Top Secret Announcement All Unsecretitized!

The Key to Being a Jerk

Roscoe's Bad Influence

Fred Misses the Arrival

Oregano, Plutonium, and Chester A. Arthur

Dear Cereal Producers of the United States of America,

Umbrella Payback

Roscoe Notes

Eyeglasses Crashes

What's Going On?!

Pentagon Paranoia Parade

The Day Shift

So and Sew

Rainy Day Painting

Curb Your Confusiasm

Ions and Allergies

Major Poop Night

Pictures for the Week!

Screwed with Well Enough

Roscoe's Roof Ruckus

Faker Raker

The Fancy Goat

Considering Cheers

Vicarious Bad Haircut

The 5-Second Pigeon Story

Pics for the Week + story

Shallow Charity Reality

Drive-By Guerilla Marketing?

The Sock Vacuum Mystery

Tai-Chi Dick?

Geek Gloves: Patent Not Pending

Stupid Computer, Stupid Me

5AM Wake-Up Blerp

Medium is the New Medium Rare

Random Roscoe Report

Amazonian Dilemma

Excel Exsucks!

Blizzard Pics


Sneaky Sneezy and Scaldy

Frustrated Good Samaritan

Tab Energy Experiencelessness

Pictures for the Week

Bye Bye Best Friend
(dont' worry. nothing bad)

Art School Error

Doggone Cab Ride

Badge Happy Copper

The Shower Drain Situation

The Wire Nest

Thanks Y'all for 2005!

Pictures for the Week

Morning Strike Theory

When the Gym Went Bad

Forking Knives and Spoons

Insecure Flyby

Roscoe 911

Chasing Chase

The Golden Bookstore Job

Mysterious Bed Accident

Lebanese Loop Bastardos!

Toilet Snuggler

Thanksgiving Parade Pics

Brooklyn, Long Island?

Sorta Kinda News Scoop

The Lady on the Stairs

The Lottery Deal

Knock-Off Water Arrives


Absent Minded Weekend

Toasted Bagel Mystery

Four Year Anniversary and FAQs

Halloween Pics!

How Long is Stuff Good for Anyway?

Hearing Electronics

Yelly Umbrella Jerk

Announcement Type Thing

The New Show

Pictures for the Week

Shepard Dream, Selfish Girl

I Like Chef Boyardee

Flip Flopping in the Rain

F**k Off, Quicktime!

Fell Down the Stairs and Almost Broke My Friggin Head

Pictures for This Week

An Open Letter to Sting and David Byrne

Chinese Delivery Fiasco

Kashi Makes Me Farti

The Barber of Smellville

Five (to seven) Times Angry at a Can of Pineapple

Taken for a Ride

TV Show, You Have Been Chosen!

Tai Chi Man vs' The 4-Year Old Girl

Goofy Jogging Couple

Retrieving at Dog Park

Tag Sale and/or Richard Bey

Tuckie Mc Belt Tucker

Worst Woman 2005

The "Mute" Waiter

Photos From Caly

Follow Your Nose!

Unplain Plane Story

Where's the Crazy Dog Farm?

Attack of the Flying Superbugs!

Triple Bald Soul

My Dog Pees Like a Girl

The Russian Taxi Driver's Story

Valet Jerk

Colander Mystery Solved!

Dude, Where's My Colander?

An Open Letter to Marino's Italian Ice*

In Search of Brittney Dirtor

Pics from the Weekend

My Date with Betty

Soprano Scoop!*

The 411 on Gross Cingular Receipts

Spiral Induced Panic

Curse Wordsworth

Friendly Neighborhood Chalkman

Scary Men's Fashion Creepazoid

Roscoe's Escape

My Journeys to the Land of the Dreamery

Waterballoon Wimpout

The Decieved Tatt

Dog Dressup Question

Backup Brag

Mr. No-Front Teeth Was Right!

Pictures for the Week

Good Boy'd the Operator

Gonorrhea Man About Town

Buggin' on the G

Traffic Superhero I Ain't

What Happened to Zucchini?

Paranerd Conspiracy Theory

Dog Park Outing

Crazy Speed Walker

Bombed at the Vet

The Boy Who Cried Party

Roscoe's Breakout

Pretend Rich Guy

Tone Loco

A Tale Told by an Idiot, Full of Sound and Fury,
Digitizing Nothing

Col-lage from the Gar-bage

Puppy Mouth Gambling

Shoot the Freak

Pictures for the Week

The Un-Great NYC Water Push

ALERT: American Idol Scam!

Roscoe Report

Update in General

AOL Instant Messenger is Dumb

Car Stoled Story

Don't Know How To Buy Jeans Anymore

Sleep Cleaner

Dog Toy Terribleness

Total Recall Recall


Robot Rant

Puppy Lives Here Now

Pics for the Week

Punished for Email Hoard

Why Not Buy Used Forks on eBay?

Fidgety Punishment-y

Bad CVS Pit Stop

Thinking of Razvon

Weekend Pictures

Remote Chance

Pictures For the Week

Quick Mystery of the Gross Stuff on my Fridge Handle

Windows Key Pop

Why T-Mobile is Dumb

Literary Illiterate Disadvantage

Slobby Friend on Thin Ice

Axe Ad Awe

Moldy Memory Lane

Dope Charge. Verdict: Guilty

Jury Duty Doings*

Unbraced for Impact

Subway Ranter Scare +

Pictures for the Week

Plumber Time

Cupcake in my Mailbox

Under Umbrella Overthink

Some Gates Pictures

Turtleneck Twins

Freezer Psycho

Crazy Artist's

The Pigeons of Grand Central

Slipperman From The Future

Griddled Bellend

The One Armed Archer

Good Digital Citizen Fading

Old TV Addict

Von Gone Wrong

Crash Ripple Wonderment

Jerky Prank Answerer

Pancake Breakup

Here Comes The Glasses

Clarinet Guy Dilemma (+ pics)

For '04

The Handsock Rag®

Cursed By The Gods of Phone

Weekly Pics

Hacker Help Wanted

Oblivioids and Dickazoids*

Unmanly Man Me

Blockbuster Bustedness

Vacuum Woes Me

An Odd Question (+bonus story)

Bird Racket Weirdness

G Replaces F (?)

Scientology Exposé Flop

Stubble Changes

Flower Guy Money Factor

The Swedish Taste

Marathon Pics and a Swan

25 Year Past Blast (+ apology)

iPod Backpeddler

iPlod Plod

Vacation Rethinked

Buncho Photos

Halloween 1983

Unsimply Saying Hello

Some Pictures This Week

The Best Tuna of All Tuna Announced!

Russian Computer Guy

Microsoft's Killer App

Evaporation or Mustard Gnomes?

Healthcare Runaround

Pikchas for this Week

Drug Store Story

Tailed A Blind Person

Nothing to Write About

Grape Nuts Confusion

I'm Sick of You and The American People

Burlesque Girls and Senator Chuck Schumer

Helicopter Rumblings and Corporate Shenanigans

Best Tuna of All Tuna Contest Update

Jamming Subway Perv

Bug Drawer Bugging

Receipt Force Rant

Dumb Camera Better For Dumb Me

Nerdly Ghost in the Machine

BumbleBee Conspiracy Theory!

More Pictures!

Bird Here Now (update 2)

Pictures This Week

Quest for the Best Tuna of All Tuna

Outside Worldly

Adult Swim Downtime

Wonton Misinterpretation

Ashamed of my D&D-ing 

Tuna Fish Fallout


Rainy Day Pictures

Shower Spaz

Local System Outrage!

Bad Bathroom Business

Mini Adventure

Avoided Punchy and Got Niece

Police Station Outing

TV Development

Survey Stunner

Subway Gripes

Casual Crime, Casual Reaction

Conductors Conducting Mood

Baba's Blankee

Chivalrous Confusion

Superhero in Train-ing

A Mr. Deng Fix

Somewhat Disturbing New Talent

Downgrading Upgrades

Confronting the Nut


Nephews 6th

Sad Subway Story

The Stain-Maker

Naked Mattress Flipper

Nightmare Causes Mask Purchase

What's Happening Computer Override

Sat with Saturday Night Live Chicks

Colorblind Nephew

Subway Series

Roach in the Cab

Omelet Error

Taxi Bike

Red Radio Spiders

Reeve Guilt

Olestra Warning Removal Information

Mother's Day Day-o

F Claritin

Sneezy Handshake Brain Argument

Pictures for the Week 4/25

Mad At The Window People

Marketing In Iraq

Jerk Thief From Years Ago

TiVo Review

Birkenstocks: Yay or Nay?

Neighborhood Sunday Serenade

Late Night eBaying

Ou est Mon Langùagê Other?

Car Screech Sobering


The Credit Card Reset

Three Bar Flies

Summer Camp Admissions (#1 and #2)

Trick Chair's Swan Song

Subway Shover Strategery

Over Underarm Roulette

Corneater Curbtripper 

The Dr. Pepper Pistachio Splosion

Coolio Prince Story

Still Stupid


Supported Criminal Activity

Post Office Loudness

Road Runner's Revenge

Atomically Stupid


Dang Mothra!

Unreal Grownup Geek

Mad at Garbagey Ads Thrown All Over  

What's Happening!

Summer Business Story/Dried Apricots and Banana Chip Evening 

Argument for Piracy

Gene Gene's New Destiny

Bad Jeans

Knowing Gross Stuff

The Power of the Cancel

Big Loud Drilling

Jarring Realization

Danger Dogs

Car Smashee History

Road Runner Update

The Knucklecracker Sweet

Politically Stumped

Me See Pee Left for Me

Vegetation Proclamation

The Safety Hazard

Awkward Moment at the Garbage Truck

Toe Intro

Old Unfaithful

Thanks Y'all for 2003!

Subway Stress Savior

Help Me "Correct" Road Runner Please  

Thought About The Sprayers Today

ATM Meandering

Proud Dorky


Present Flop

Mystery Safe Place (plus bonus surprise phone call!)  Follow-Up

The Truth About the Bread

All Natural? All Right?

Mourning My Morning Pants

Plumbing Tip 102

Diddy For A Night

4 Mile

Pot Smoker

Whirlwind Affair with Pomegranates

Almost Ate a Bug

Tiffany's Balls

License to Dork

The Red Moon

Garbage Day Mystery

Teletubby Sugar Scene

Chicks Love Target

Fantastik Stinger

Outed as Being Out

Sorta Scared of New Milk

One Friggin Kick

2Xtreme Head-Back Ache

Yankees and Red Sox (retraction)

Guilty By Subscription

Danger Shelves

Neighborhood Changes

Belted Robe Shame

Bad Supermarket Outing

Musically Declined

Squealers Squealed

Another Boss From Hell Story

...and baby makes seven.

Wallet Hide and Seek

Monkey Calls

Caught in the Wake of the Boot-ay Supreme

The Luck of the Snort

What's Happening Update-isimo

Snoozy Cancellation

The Senator Departs

Doo Doo Boo Boo

Jinxed Up, Screwed Up, Messed Up

Relying on Not Planning

Shoe Situation and Invisibility

Sex Pistols Back Out

Plumbing Tip 101

The Oh So Nice Blackout of 2003

WTC Postcard Hello

Took A Walk for Take Out

Mixing Up This and That then the Plants Died

Honest Citizen at the Subway

Paintball Warrior

Wrong Number Punishment

The Great Pringles Robbery

Iced Coff-ay Assault

Sucky Posture

Spelling Utensils

T-Shirt House Cleaning

Dumpling Dilemma

A Dating Story

Waxing About Ear Wax

Please Bringy Ringy Ring

Head Weights

The Truth About Smacks

Being a Sweater

What's Happening Update

Chinese Food Override Alterego

Growing Weeds and Watermelon

Saturday Night With the Dylans

eBay Phone-ay  

Meatloaf Meathead

Keys? Please?  

Dumbing Out at the Airport

Satellite Brain Fix

People in Glass Rooms...

Travel Tales

Corning, Peeping and Pudding

Missed Insta-Revenge Opportunity

Cop Car Criminal Commotion

Hair Prayer

Mad at Charms

Book Signing Thing and Stuff

Error at Short

Chopstick Grammar

(Probably Dumb) Theory About Optometry

Guess What?

Electronic Wasteland

Bug Hunt Conflict

Needle Needling

eBay VCR Fiasco

My Boss From Hell

Underwear Lesson

Daylight Savings Sleep Day

Triple Trip

Seeing Through Smudges

Subway Soccer Misunderstanding

Nephew Hello-ing

The Infomercial's Revenge

Funny for Nerds Only (maybe)

Big Boom!

Sloth-Like Reflexes at the Deli

I Saw Ethan Hawke

The Goop on the Platform

Caught Looking Crazy

Bad Night's Sleep 

Hermit Crab Scare

Mystery in the Liner

Bad Uncle-ing on the Runaway Sled

Late Night Mackin

Rooned My Favorite Plate

Out to Lunch

Bad Plant Dad

Beautiful Song Stuck in My Head

Me at the OTB

The Mysterious Strong Hair

Freaked in the Middle of the Night

Ignoring the Monkey

Stuck When Something Stuck in Teeth

Jake's the Liar

Thanks Y'all for 2002

Not Alot of What's Happening Happenings

Sundance Dance Fever

Some Mean Kid Hit Me with a Snowball

The Spaghetti Incident

The $40,000 Elephant

Printer Cartridge Junkie

Caught Too Far From Football

Coff-ay Overflow Type Situation

Touchabubbles Terrorist Threat

Scammy Scam Scammers

'Fixed' My Scanner the Old Fashioned Way

Yoga Embarrassment

Uncle Day in NYC

My Book Report

Bought a Painting off a Cabbie

Straggled Out to Watch the Stragglers

Stranger Neighbors Cook

Corporate Black Holes

Simply Can't Follow Instructions

Homing in on my Stupid Cordless Phone

Winged Monkey #3

Computer Bad for My ADD

Cleaned Up Like Crazy

Meeting Crazy Joe on the Subway

I Like Gorilla

Spelling Alot Wrong

Bad Flea Market Shopper

Getting Organized

Missing My Zappy

New Life Form?

Thinking About Crying

Over The Age Limit

Rainy Day Today

Crazy Daring Me to do Stuff

Eulogy for Dr. Z

Hermit Crabs (Day 2)

Family Trip

Messed Up Cup O Noodles

Caught Looking at Boobs

Selfish with Pastrami

Educational-Catch Up

Got Flies?

Kicking the Health Kick

Goatee Guy Experience

*Apology to My Neighbor(s)

Reading Glamour Magazine

Walking Down the Street with a Big Box on Top of my Head

Thinking About a Pet

Showerhead Issues

The Struggle to Get to Zero

Being the Weird Uncle

Forgetting to Remember Stuff

Elf Up! Evil Spam!

Sucker for New Stuff

My Mouse Gotta Go


Stubbed My Toe and Cereal Disaster

Airport Security and Maine

My Whole Hair Story

Cardboard and Dinner

No Sense of Direction

My Department of Labor Hearing

Dreaming of Modern Appliances

Missing Subway and Wondering About My Feet

People on Probation Calling

The Today Show

Mail Mess

Mouse in the House

Locked Out with Hammer

Moved. Now Mail Missing

Double Whammy Corporate Style

First Message