Peer Pressured into Sk8r Gloves

So I lost my geek gloves. I held onto them for a couple years and they had a good run but now they're goners.

And the other day I was walking around and my hands were freezing off so I decided to buy new gloves in the first place I could find. I was passed by the local skateboard shop and decided to duck in there to just buy a pair. Any pair. I figured they'd just have like regular black gloves or whatever. Not my kind of store considering the closest I've come to being a skateboarder is rollerskating to Michael Jackson at 'The Rink' back in the day-- but I figured if they have accessories they probably have a normal pair of gloves.

I walk in and I immediately feel weird because it's like a skateboard kid hangout-- and I'm like 75 years older than everyone in the store. And they're all looking at me like, 'Who's dad is that?' Some 'dude' comes up to me and is like, 'Need help, dude?' I wanted to leave but I felt like I had to act cool. Like I wasn't just some dork who walked in there by accident. Maybe I was an old school skater? Like Tony Banks or whatever? I was like, 'Yeah umm... Need some gloves... He was like, 'Totally got gloves.' He took me over to a counter where there was like four pairs of gloves to choose from. All of them were all skateboarded out style-wise.

He takes out a pair and is like, 'Try these...' I tried them on. They had a purple paint splash design all over them and had the letters KRKD on them. I was like, 'Umm...' He was like, 'Oh! Dude! No! Theeessse!' And I put them on. They felt ok. They looked sort of 'cool'? As far as I know. The kid nodded his head in approval and was like, 'Riggght?' I asked how much. He told me $10.

I looked at the gloves again. They were far away from what I was looking for. Too thin too. I looked at the palms. They seemed wrong too. The kid was waiting. And I felt everyone in the store was looking at me look at the gloves. (Probably just waiting for me to get the hell out of there). I felt like if I didn't buy the gloves I'd be like uncool or something. I was like, 'Done deal...' He was like, 'Cool...' But I walked out feeling like if that was any other store-- I wouldn't have bought those gloves.

For frucks sake! I still can't believe I can be peer pressured by 'cool' teenagers! Like shouldn't I be over that!? Wtf!

So today I've been walking around with these 'Krooked' gloves. I do sort of like them sorta but I'm not sure that I should. Like am I'm the guy wearing crazy teenager skateboarder gloves for no good reason? Am I dorking hardcore? Or the opposite? Should I not care? They are sort of fun. And the palm design makes things nicely grippy. But...

I dunno...

Are these gloves wrong? Or coolio?

Click here to see...

ok bye!