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Here's something I cut and pasted from a word doc that Mr. Deng sent in with some photos of Suzhou. thanks again to Mr. Deng!


This is Mr. Deng from Suzhou , China again.  Yesterday I thinked of something very funny to writes on you about! 

Many, many years ago in 1997 the Suzhou city was not as modern as today.  At that time the electricacity always go off and sometime when it rain the canal water would go to high and the street became in the water.  (This would happen many times during the rainy season because it rain very, very a lot at that time). 

One time I see a man ride his bike on the street through the water buddle.  Then very quicksome he disappear into the buddle!  He had ride his bike off the street and into the canal that was next to the rode!   He swim up to the serface but his bicycle never came up.

We all laugh on him for a long time and he use the yellow words on us and then go home.

That was a funny thing to see!

That is the end of the story that I told now. 

All of us like the Odd Todd webbing at my work unit.  We think Mr. todd must be a nice person and miss Xiao Lu want to say hi to you.  She also work at my company.  She does not have a boy friend and  want you to chat on her.  I will give her your email if you like that.

Her English is even more betterer then me!

Here are some photo of Suzhou . ..

This tree is very loveily?  Do you like such the tree?


Here is a canal.  The houses are very close to it so they always have the water. 


Here is a small rode in the countrie near my house.  The tree is very tall here.


This is a funny picture!  Look at the man behind the woman.  He grab his mushroom! 

Behind the woman is a duck restaurant that I used to go to oftenly.  But now it is tore down.  It was not modern enough so today it is gone.  Soon all the old buildings will be gone and everyone will be rich and live in America style houses! 

Wish you happy and luckily forever!

-Mr. Deng



ALSO here's some emails in response to my couch situation I wrote about yesterday: Maybe it'll help other stained dopes like me:


Hello Todd,
For that couch stain you can possibly try this.  Go to an automotive supply store and purchase a can of automobile upolstery cleaner.  Should come in a spray can with a brush attached and when you spray it, comes out foamy.  I have used that on carpet stains and furniture stains.  It worked great for me.   Hope it helps.


Hey Todd. I love love LOVE your website. If I lived closer, I'd want to marry you. Right now, I'll have to settle for kissing my Todd poster before bed every night! (PS: I'm just kidding, I'm really not nuts)
The new stain is just leftover spray and wash that got into the fabric and will easily come out with a little rubbing with warm water. Don't dump any onto the couch (that can make a mildewy smell...gross) just wet a dish cloth and rub in a circular motion. I suggest the purchase of some Oxy Clean ( in the household section of any store). You make a solution of warm water and the oxy crystals and rub it onto the couch with a cloth and viola! stain is gone. Make sure you buy the actual Oxy Clean though. It comes in a plastic box with a twist off lid. They also make wipes with the stuff, but they'll just leave that residue ring again.
Hope This Helps!


dude, it looks llike you tried to fry an egg on your couch.

Hey tOdd,

You should check out <http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0614043mug1.html>

On this page, you'll find the crazy mugshot of the dude who was setting the
cars on fire....what a DORK!

Also, about your couch....you NEED to take that cover OFF the cushion
first, and THEN treat the stain with Spot Shot.  This will work like a
charm, trust me!  And if it doesn't, you should use Resolve Carpet Cleaner
(it's in a red bottle when you look for it at the store).  I have a small
dog who was recently sick (barfing up blood, eww gross I know) and the Spot
Shot totally erased the barf from my white carpeting!  Also, one time while
I was babysitting, I was addressing my wedding invitations with a
calligrapher's fountain pen.  I put it down and it rolled on to the WHITE
carpet leaking purple ink EVERYWHERE!  So, I sprayed Resolve Carpet Cleaner
on it and it disappeared in 3 minutes!!  Totally coolio.  Let me know what
you think.  I'm like the "Cleaning Queen," or like Danny Tanner from Full

Well, I'm going to get some coff-ay before lunch.  Have a good one!
Oh yeah, before I forget, what do you look like?  Do you not want anyone to
see you?  You have a really great personality so actually whatever you look
like doesn't really matter....i was just wanting to put a face with the

Love your site babe....read it EVERY day.

love always,

 FYI tOdd,

I got my stuff from Jennifer too and I hate them too.
I bought the stain warranty garbage because the girl in the store said that they outlawed that stain protector spray stuff cause it caused cancer and that the only way to protect myself was to buy the stain warranty stuff. So in the store we said if you fix or replace fabric for life how can you afford this, and the girl says, because they play the odds. How many people would go through the hassle of getting the Jennifer ppl to either try to remove stain or replace fabric when after a while they forget, give up, or buy new. I knew I wouldn't be one of those and thought I got a good deal, I was way smart......until.....

I found out how thew screw you by making it impossible for you to fulfill the requirements to get them to even help you with the furniture in the first pace.

Hate Jennifer!
Big business always out to get you!


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Thanks to Tim for working on this sorter thing big time! Tis excellente!

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