The Bi-Annual Change Jar Contestamundo is over!



Some guesses were close! Some not so close!
But one person guessed really extra close closest close!


The change jar contained:

$285.38! (awesome for me!)

Benjamin F. guessed:

$287.00! (wow! awesome for him!)


Benjamin wins a clock and a mug!


2nd place and 3rd place go to:

Cody M. ($287.43) and Jennifer R. ($287.50!)

They both win tile coasters!!


Congrats to the winners! Please email me with your address so I can send you your prizes!
And I know there were a few other guess that were very close. Nice guesses y'all! Sorry not close enough.
Some guesses were way off too. Highest Guess $5,000 -- lowest guess $8.25.

Good vibes to y'all! Same time two years from now!

Props to Commerce Bank who have a change machine change out thing and do it for free!

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