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I get really, super-annoyed with telemarketers. I don't mean the kind that just call and I hang up on them. I mean the ones who leave voicemails and tell you to call back for an URGENT message about your account. And then you call and either (A) you are not the person they were looking for (B) they have no idea who you are so there's no way they could have an urgent message about your account or (C) you are the person they're looking for, they know who you are, but the account is about a vehicle/credit card/appliance etc. that you got rid of years ago.

Whatever! Just leave me alone!

Thanks for letting me rant and rave. LOVE your site.



I was really annoyed that you posted that annoyance from the High
School girl because it just reminded me how much I hated high school
and how all the annoyances she listed are really not going to matter
in 4 years despite the fact they feel like the end of the world at the
time being.


I've got a comment you can post this Thursday for someb0dy - the girl
who wrote in for Monday's annoyances.
Ask the guy if he wants to go out some where informal - hot chocolate
works as a great idea if you live somewhere cold.  Dont make it seem
like a date, but also don't explicitly say that it's not a date.  Just
say, "Do you want to go get a cup of hot chocolate Saturday
afternoon?"  Smile and be yourself.  I can guarantee that he is just
as self conscious and shy as you are - probably more so (gosh, I sure
was).  Guys like it when a girl thinks he's cute, even the tough guys
out there.  Heck, I'm married and I still love to know that my wife
(and sometimes other girls) think I'm cute.  I'm not too far out of HS
and I remember how awkward those years are and how everyone is so self
conscious.  The more confident you are, the easier it will be.  What's
the worst he could say?  No?  Then you know he's not interested (yet),
but you can go on living your life.
You're having troubles sleeping because school starts so stupid early.
 All high schools do this.  If you're having problems falling asleep
regularly there are 2 suggestions I have.  First, exercise regularly 3
or more times a week and not right before you go to bed.  30 or so
minutes 3 times a week will work miracles.  It sounds silly, but it
works.  Second, talk to your doctor and tell them that you're having
problems with getting your mind settled when you go to sleep.  There
are meds that can help, but they do have some dependency risk.  One
tylenol PM once a week is not the end of the world, though mom & dad
may panic at first.  I guarantee they went through it too and either
don't remember or are in denial.
As far as your bf, just make time for her and she will make time for
you.  Sounds simple cuz it is.  If she is that good of a friend, she
will definitely make sure to spend time with you.  If she ends up
spending more time with him than with you, it likely will only be for
a month or two and she'll miss her girl time with you.  Don't worry,
your true friends will show their colors these next few years and
you'll know.  When you're in high school it seems like you're on top
of the world, but next year you'll feel like a freshman all over again
whether you go to college or not.
Johnny is a moron.  A pre-pubescent self hating grease ball.  Ignore
him, as I'm sure you're beautiful.  If he's calling you fat and you're
a little overweight but he is a freakin' blimp, just laugh at him.
Literally.  If you exercise and even if you don't drop a pound, you
can laugh at him and say at least you're doing something about it.
I'm sure those Twinkies he had for lunch along with that big bottle of
Mountain Dew is doing wonders for his weight.  Tell him that if he
ever tries to get a girlfriend and she finds out he was calling
another girl fat, he'll be back to single in no time.  Any girl would
be pissed to hear her boyfriend was calling another girl fat,
especially if he is a little tub of lard himself.
Back to the pretty thing again - some guy will come along and won't be
able to take his eyes off you.  It may sound a little too storybook,
but wait and see.  Everyone thinks they're not as good looking as they
truly are.  Don't go all anorexic or anything, just try to go for a
run or visit a gym (even with your mom).  You'll feel better, look
even better, have more energy and sleep better.  As far as your
brother peeing on the toilet seat, your parents should be a bit pissed
at that (no pun intended).  He'll grow up someday and probably regret
all the stupid stuff he did.  Treat him with decency now and it'll
happen sooner than you think.  Also, your parents don't like you or
your brother more, they love you in the way that is best for each of
you and they love you equally.  You can make that love more apparent
and feel so much stronger by always trying to do the right thing (see
not lying comment below)
College is nothing to be afraid of.  just don't party every night but
make sure to not be a shut in.  You'll find the best friends of your
life at college.  Life only gets a lot more fun and less awkward.
Stop lying, as you may think it helps at the time, but it only digs a
bigger hole and makes life more difficult.  If you do the right thing,
no one can hold that against you.  This will be much more apparent as
you go to college next year and will be ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.
Jealousy will be less of a deal if you love yourself.  See a shrink if
you have to (gosh they sure do help).  I think 90% of Americans should
see a shrink at least once a month.  They have seen problems way, way
bigger than yours and ones identical to yours.  They have a great way
of putting things in perspective and slowing down life so you can see
what truly matters.
-KO from Minnesota
PS.  Even if you're not involved in a church now, I'd strongly suggest
looking for one that is right for you.  When you get to college, they
WILL have a FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes) group on campus.
These people are great influences and can help guide you through
college, through life's dilemmas, and are often some of the most
genuinely nice people on campus.  They can help you with any questions
you may have with religion and be your guide to starting (or
improving) a relationship with God.


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